Why Jim, why?

Why Jim, why are you starting a blog? Don’t you know that blogging is dead, a fading visage of a bygone era of the internet landscape?

Sure I do, but I gotta do something in my free time so here it is. Not that I’m a great (or even practiced) writer I just wanted to document that happenings in my life sine I moved to Dallas at the end of October 2015. A lot of crap has happened since then and plenty seems to be in store so I thought I would tell you all (all right now being no one) just how much I enjoy this city. Some backstory is probably in order.

I moved to Dallas in October of 2015 to take a software implementation consultant job. The office is actually in Plano but, if you don’t know this, Plano is pricey. The job is a great opportunity  but my wife and daughter remain in Indiana to finish school. Because we are trying to maintain 2 households I was looking for someplace small and cheap, these are not words to describe accommodations in Plano.

I will save the full story for another post but I found a decent apartment near White Rock Lake and was happy to later learn that I am just a few short minutes drive from the scene in Deep Ellum.

I hope to use this space to document fun, food, shows, and my day to day life and things I have come to enjoy about life in Dallas. I hope I am able to keep it interesting. I’m a big fan of Jeph Jacques and his comics Questionable Content and Alice Grove. Jeph says that one of the most important things about publishing a comic is to keep a regular schedule for posting new content. This is not a comic but I hope to heed his advice and give you something worth reading.


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