Why the hell would you come to Texas?

That is a fair question, especially for someone with my political leanings. The truth is that while Texas has a bat-shit insane reputation for being a conservative stronghold I come from Indiana and y’all can’t hold a stick to the psychotic shit that gets pulled up there. So, really, Texas (and Dallas in particular) are far more progressive than where I come from.


But I digress. This dark hole of the internet will rarely be sullied with the sliminess of political commentary.


So, what brought me to Texas? A job. A pretty decent job at that. I am a software implementation consultant specializing in SAP Business One ERP. This means that I help companies move from their existing financial/inventory platform to a true, comprehensive, ERP solution.


It sounds boring as hell, I know, but it has its moments. I get to learn about many different companies and help them streamline their operations. Some of the challenges can be really fun. The hours can be a bit much sometimes but that is balanced out by the flexibility of the position.


So there is the job but there is also the fact that, compared to Indiana, there is really no winter down here. Everyone says “oh it gets so hot in the summer”. They don’t realize that it is not unusual to break 100 in the summer in Indiana and when that happens it is usually so humid that you can hardly even move and the air is so stagnant that you can hardly breathe. So I will take your 120 degrees with 15% humidity and a constant breeze any time.


What I did not realize is that there is a pretty fun scene in Dallas as well. I’ve already seen about a dozen top knoch punk rock shows and have gotten tattooed by one of the best artists currently working. I’ve found a great barber and several awesome shops that I will talk about later.


Texas has really welcomed me and I appreciate that. It is not, as far as I have seen, the redneck haven that is described in the media. Dallas has a tremendous amount of green space and lakes and shit that does not come to mind when you think Texas. It has been fun so far.


See you next time.


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