Content, Jim, Content

I have already ignored the teachings of the wise Jeph and have not maintained a posting schedule. I can hear my daughter, who just turned 17, saying something like “why would people come to your site if you are not giving them anything to read?”

She is right so I really need to start documenting some of the crazy shit that bounces around in my head. I have recently started exercising (again). There is a little facility here in my complex with an elliptical, a treadmill, and one of those universal weight machines. I have worked up to a 75 min routine on the treadmill. The thing is pretty fancy. It has settings where you can change speed and incline (I did not know treadmills did that) and has several pre set routines. I set the highest speed to 4.2 mph and the incline setting to 15 (max) for one of the routines and that gives me a good 60 min of a 125 – 150 heart rate. Not bad for a fat old fucker like me.

But the thing is that when I’m cranking away with that high heart rate I come up with some fantastic shit. I am a super philosopher, a political analyst, a business planner, what have you. My brain is going off at that time. But when it is over and I’ve done some stretching and taken a shower it is all gone. I’ve written some mighty fantastic blog posts while I’m in that exercise room, but they are lost to the endorphins  never to be thought again.

I will work on being more regular here. Especially now that I have my domain, . Perhaps with my next post I will tell you my shame behind the purchase of that domain.



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