A fun night in Dallas

One benefit of living in Dallas is that there are an amazing number of shows you can see. I happen to spend most of my eardrum abusing time in Deep Ellum where places like Three Links, Trees, Club Dada, Bomb Factory, etc bring in some amazing touring acts. And there are plenty of other venues in that neighborhood alone that I have yet to visit. Go to Deep Ellum on a weekday night and it is pretty lively, go on the weekend and it can be downright crazy.


I know there are other areas around town that are just as active, I just haven’t had an occasion to visit them yet. I will be heading up to Denton in May to see Austin Lucas but I think that is a house show so I will not be seeing any of the Denton clubs that evening.


This last weekend I was able to take in a show featuring a favorite band of my youth, MDC. The venue was Three Links, I love this place. Opening up were American Shit Storm (they look suspiciously like the Dead Kennedys cover band Dallas Uber Alles), Hoodrat (who have a very dedicated following), The Swingin’ Dicks (a band I appreciate more and more as time goes on). After the locals there was a band called Deathwish who did not really impress me, and them MDC.


I was really impressed by the show they put on. Dave Dictor is over 60 but he still has a commanding stage presence. I think they were also encouraged by a VERY enthusiastic crowd. The pit was insane, especially when they tore into classic favorites such as John Wayne was a Natzi, Corporate Deathburger, and Chicken Squawk (to name a few). All in all it was a fantastic night.   


I must also give a shout out to the bartenders and staff at Three Links. I’m always impressed by how they are able to focus on service when there is a crazy ass show exploding all around them. That is a really solid crew they have working there.


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