Tattoo Time

I appear to be unable to maintain an update schedule.

A lot has happened since the last time I posted, mainly 2 tattoos.

First my relocation to Dallas is official as I got a Friday the 13th tattoo at the Elm Street Tattoo Shop. For those who don’t know the Elm Street Tattoo Shop is run by Oliver Peck, one of the finest tattooers on the planet. Several years ago he decided he wanted to get into the Guinness Book of World Records as the shop that tattooed the most people in a day. He ran a marathon of 24 hours of tattooing little 13 tattoos for $13 and got in the record book. This has now become a Dallas tradition every Friday the 13th and I was able to participate in the one on May 13th.


Because I had to work on Friday and I did not want to stand in the line that would surely be enormous by Friday afternoon I went for the pre-event sign up at the Anvil Bar. Sign up started at 5 and I was able to secure a 1AM slot. I get to the shop at about 12:50 and there is a line at least onto the next block. But I had my appointment set and was able to walk right into the shop.


There was a bit of a wait in the shop but it was not bad at all. I ended up getting tattooed by Joe Haasch, , and it turned out really well. I got a little all seeing eye up on my shoulder above a much larger tattoo of the TARDIS I have on my arm. I like it so much I think I will be going back every Friday the 13th I am in Dallas until I have a little squadron of eyes flying around the TARDIS.


As awesome as that was it was just the precursor to the main event, the Elm Street Music and Tattoo Festival. This event is also put on by Oliver Peck and is filled with artists that are there by invite only. You can rest assured that if a tattoo artist is at this event they are top notch. If you have ever watched any of the interviews over at you will recognize many of the artists in attendance. I was fortunate enough to get tattooed by Scott Sylvia at the last one in November. The dagger he put on my leg is currently the banner for this blog. But on to the new tattoo.


When the artists were announced I knew I wanted a tattoo from Marina Inoue, I just did not know what. After a few emails confirming availability it struck me; I should get a Marina tattoo from Marina. It was almost as if the room filled with a blinding light when I had this revelation. Now, you might not know that I am a huge fan of Marina and the Diamonds but I am, deal with it. I spend a couple of days trying to come up with what could be a good Marina inspired tattoo, I thought of a magnet picking up pins (I am not a Robot), the green and black painted face from I am not a robot but then I thought people might think it was a messed up Bowie, birds and worms on a rotten apple (Froot), and then I finally settled on a fortune teller lady head (Blue).  As I am always looking to convert new Marina fans I sent her a link to the video for Blue and not just a picture.


Finally the day arrives and I am about to get my new tattoo. Marina shows me the stencil she has drawn up and it is fantastic. We work out the $$$ end of things and we start looking at placement. I was thinking it would go on the side of my leg but it fit much better on the back of my calf. A little shaving and some stencil placement and we are ready to go. So, when I looked at the stencil I did not realize how close to my knee pit it was, and since I had not yet been tattooed there I did not know what was about to happen. She started the outline on my calf, and that is a rather sensitive area, but then she moved to the top of the headdress and I could have sworn she was peeling my skin off with a bow saw. Holy Crap!!!! That is a tender area. The best part that when she was done up there the rest of it did not seem so bad. Of course she found her way back for shading, and then color, but by that time I was riding the endorphin train and it wasn’t as bad.


Somewhere about 2 and a half hours later I have a fantastic tattoo. And now I have a rather long blog post. Wonder if anyone will read the whole thing.


Anyway, here is a pic of the tattoo, enjoy!!



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